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 The Origins
The Origins

In 1966 Gerotto Federico was a road firm dealing with diggings and earth movement. Since the beginning the aim of the firm was based on the development and research of new technologies. In 1974 it becomes Gerotto Federico e Figli, Gastone and Roberto Gerotto, who are the current owners of the Gerotto Federico S.r.l which was established between 1985 and 1986. 
This is an example of a family business which is typical of the North East of Italy. The passion and the knowledge of the work is handed from father to sons, and this is the richness of the company.
The growth

In the two thousands the technological research is an important key to improve the services in the building business. It is in these years that the new era of the Gerotto Federico S.r.l. begins. Buying the RSP GmbH Saugbagger the company becomes dealer of the German suction excavator that will be called Escavatore a Risucchio in Italy. It is a new digging system through suction. Working every day with this new technology the Gerotto Federico S.r.l. understands the high potentialities of the suction excavator and begins to use it in different fields.
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During the years Gerotto Federico becomes the landmark for the Italian market of the use and selling of the suction excavator, that is why it begins the division. It promotes the suction technology in the most famous Italian fairs, in specialized magazines and in the web with three updated internet sites:, and the last one concerning most of all the services and workings the
The Italian company sells about ten suction excavators every year and even the RSP GmbH has grown in the years: nowadays it produces about 80 saugbaggers per year selling all over Europe.
The follows the customer since the beginning: in the choice of the right product for his needs, in the training of the operators who will work with the vacuum excavator, in the collaboration for some workings, in the service which is authorized from the German company RSP GmbH. The Gerotto employees are qualified professionals who attend RSP refresher courses. Moreover is equipped with a spare parts storehouse which ensures a quick problem solving.
The Gerotto company sells suction excavator both new and used which are always very valuable because of the high quality of the RSP GmbH products. The used suction excavators are tested and serviced, even the new ones are serviced depending on the work hours.
The collaboration between the Gerotto company and the RSP has grown in the years and the Italian company has become an important partner of the RSP GmbH, because working every day with the suction excavator could understand the versatility of the system and its development. 
The today's reality
1. Gerotto Federico S.r.l. “Costruzioni Stradali”: maintenance of sewer, gas and water utilities, in the building of road, airport works, and remediation.
2. Gerotto Federico S.r.l. “Escavatori a Risucchio” :
2.1. design and production of specific services in the application of the suction technology;
2.2. selling of the RSP GmbH Suction Excavator;
2.3. RSP GmbH authorized service ;
The Gerotto Federico company is made up of 50 qualified employees: managers, technicians, specialized operators to answer customers’ requirements.
Every activity is performed following the QUALITY system. It has the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, OIMS qualification from TUV Italy for safety, and SOA certification for the following categories: cat OG3 IV class, OG6 VI class, OG7 III class, OS1 V class. 
Gerotto Federico S.r.l. is registered at the Transport Department (PD\0234 code) to the management of foreign vehicles, moreover it is registered in the chamber of commerce for the activities of buying and selling of new and used machines both national and international.
The Innovations
The suction excavator is a mean of multiple possibilities and is used in different fields. The combination between the versatility of the suction excavator and the innate skills of the owners together with the development office enables design and realization of variations, equipments and accessories to improve and expand the suction excavator potentialities.

Lavaspyra - GEROTTO
The suction power is so high that it maintains its strength even with the extension of the hose. Therefore Gerotto Federico S.r.l. has designed and produced the patented mini robot Gerotto: Lombrico, Gatto,
Bruco to reach places which are inaccessible to the man allowing the hose advancement as the material is sucked up. The mini robots can be remote controlled (RC) and can work instead of the traditional method “bucket and shovel”. They are mostly used in the cleaning of pipes of different diameters, minimum 80 cm, such as sewer pipes and tunnels.

In 2006 Gerotto Federico has patented the first Italian amphibious excavator: the LEM. It is used to clean channels, to reclaim and dig in solid, muddy and marshy soils.
Quadra - GEROTTOIn 2008 the first prototypes of LAVASPYRA GEROTTO.IT are tested. It is an accessory 3.5 meter long coupled to the back of the suction excavator. It can remove dirty material from big surfaces in harbour, industrial sites, refineries, steelworks where it is very difficult to clean dusty material.
The Lavaspyra is also used to clean road from mud after floods and landslides.
The collaboration with the German company enables the realization of the QUADRA GEROTTO.IT which expands its application fields. It combines the traditional power of the suction excavator to power of water at high pressure to create a multifunctional machine which is qualified to the transport of adr materials.
In 2010 Gerotto Federico produces the first MOBILE BAGGING MACHINE GEROTTO.IT which sucks the material and stores it directly in big bag without emissions and dangers for the operators. 


New robots and ATEX products

In the last period, Gerotto has increased its innovations and productivity by developing many new Robotic Mini Excavators. Every machine is designed and suitable for specific activities and for any kind of customers’ needs.
Some examples of the main machines are:
- the electric undercarriage E-Track, a tracked base with the possibility to mount different equipments and create the perfect Mini Excavator for every necessity. E-Track can be used to work in confined spaces because it is electric and doesn't emit any dangerous gas, ensuring the operators' safety;
- the Dozer RC, mainly designed for mining works and under conveyor belt cleaning operations, but it can also be employed to clean ducts and basins;
- the Lombrico, which has evolved over the years and counts many different variants: the single-tracked Lombrico, the Lombrico CC (radio controlled, with the distributor mounted on the machine), the Lombrico XXS and the Lombrico Auger (with a frontal auger to crush the material). Every variant has different dimensions and is conceived for specific usages, but they all have a stainless steel structure, which has been in use since 2015 to increase the machines' resistance and longevity.
Following the path of research and innovation, Gerotto has specialized in designing and producing a complete range of explosion-proof machines and accessories (ATEX certified). This products are used to clean fuel tanks, to transport heavy loads and to video-inspecting hazardous areas, such as industries, refineries and harbor areas.
Many of the previous models of Mini Excavators, such as Gatto and Lombrico, have been modified and improved to suit the working conditions in ATEX environments. Other machines, for example the ROV FTC-NME, were realized for specific special interventions (i.e.: underground fuel tank cleaning).
For the development of the explosion-proof video-inspection system, Gerotto collaborates with the Polish company Somar to realize systems composed of cameras, LED lights and monitors with Atex certification.




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