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 Gatto datasheet


The Mini Robot Gatto is a tracked excavator operating by an external oil-pressure plant.

This Mini robot is equipped with an arm for digging and a suction tube attached to the front blade for removal of the material collected by the arm.

This excavator not remote control is equipped with hydraulic control unit and a 50m oil-pressure  tubing.
Example of a cleaning of a siphon completely obstructed by earth and different materials.

The work was executed safely thanks to the the use of the mini robot GATTO which moved the material and brought it near the suction hose which sucked it to the container.
It was not necessary to connect directly the mini robot GATTO with the suction excavator because of the dimension of the siphon.
Obstructed siphon.
Material to be sucked.
Suction excavator position.
Suction hose extension.
The Gatto move the material and bring it near the suction hose.
Cleaning of the siphon.

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