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The Industrial Aspirators are technologically advanced machines that allow to draw all materials produced in industrial environments, solids, liquids and muddy as workmanship discards, furnace flakes, blast-furnace slag, and decantation materials.
The Industrial Aspirators can be employed in particularly serious environments as foundries, forgeries, steelworks, chemical fittings, refineries, paper mills, agro-food industries, ceramic industries, cave and furnaces. The Industrial Aspirator allows to operate in the maximum operators safety, and respecting the environment because the whole aspirated material is collected inside the same Industrial Aspirator and air emitted is completely filtered.
These industrial aspirators are available both in Mobile Version and in Fixed Version and they allow a rapids removal and elimination of solid and liquid materials collected. The Industrial Aspirators stand out from other available products on the market for their ability to eliminate manual intervention and cut down costs and execution times, guaranteeing a service by now essential during the brief maintenance or stop facilities periods.
The Mobile Industrial Aspirator consists of a suction machine mounted on trucks or moved by bridge crane and offers the great advantage of being able to operate in any industrial facility point, removing great quantities of solid and liquid materials that then can be easily and quickly disposed in the maximum personnel and environment safety. This Industrial Aspirator is particularly suitable for companies in maintenance phase.
aspiratori industriali - aspirazione polveri
aspiratori industriali - aspirazione fanghi
aspiratori industriali - aspirazione scarti lavorazione
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