The high-performance Suction Machine
The twin fan installed ensures unrivalled suction performance. The machine is therefore not only suited for use in conventional excavation work, but also for removal of material over a large distance from the vehicle position.


Transport Vehicle
  • Overall weight at least 32 t
  • Wheelbase at least 5,100 mm (axles 1 – 3)
  • NMV transmission for the fan
  • NMV transmission for the hydraulics
Technical Data
  • Length: 9,60 m approximate
  • Width: 2,50 m
  • Hight: 3,50 m approximate
  • Max. suction depth: 30 m*
  • Max. suction span: 100 m*
  • Twin Fan: 28.000 m³/h
  • Vacuum: 35.000 Pascal
  • Compressor: 2,8 - 4,5 m³/min; 7 bar
  • Container volume: 8 m³

*depending on the nature of the material suctioned's Suction Excavators can be mounted on any transport vehicole  chosen by the customer as Mercedes, Man, Iveco or more.

ESE 32/8 - Double Fan with 8 m3 debris body

Vacuum-excavation is the safe and productive nondestructive excavation method. Unlike mechanical excavation, there is little chance of damage when the air flow is used to loosen the soil, significantly reducing the safety and financial risks associated with utility line strikes.

Safety and productivity are designed into every unit. Pressurized air breaks apart soil, while a high-flow vacuum removes it without damaging or disrupting lines.

The double fan air conveyance is preferred for vacuum excavation applications because it moves an incredible amount of air, excavating more rapidly than other systems.It is easy to operate, and maintain, has a lower noise levels.
It can excavate over long distances and at incredible depths; it is ideal for oilfield work or large excavations.

In both configurations, the simplified airflow path was designed to maximize pickup and filtration effectiveness while minimizing material pass through of the filters.

VACUUM EXCAVATOR is commonly used for :

- water-line repair
- Larger pipeline installations
- big-volume excavations
- directional drilling
- sign and pole installation
- pot-holing
- underground utility pipe location
- Potholing
- Slot trenching
- Precise work


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