Excavator Operation

The suction excavator uses as transport agent the air. In order to make this physically possible, seen the enormous difference among the specific weight of the air and the sediment, the air volume must befar greater than thematerial volume to suck.   

Excavator Components use a solution that consists of inserting on the transmission shaft a disinseribile power takeoff that allows to alternatively connect the back bridge or the fan element.  

Pneumatic Excavation

The covering is cut with classical pneumatic tools supplied with the fitting. Earth is then shattered and uncompacted using the disruptive lance and Venturi lance that replace worker pick and shovel.   

Ray of Action

Maximum height - Maximum depth - Work range - Accessory equipments. 

Excavator Advantages 

Every yard involves different troubles among which traffic deceleration, acoustic pollution and particularly during excavation operations it is necessary to assure the integrity of numerous preexisting structures.  


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